- DEADLINE EXTENDED: proposals are now due on MARCH 14th by 5PM. 

- Submission proposals are due on Sunday, March 1st (early submissions are very welcome).

- Send proposals to with your name and the word “proposal” in the subject line. 

- Please limit proposals to 750 WORDS or less. 

- Julep accepts essays, fiction, poetry, and any other text-based form that fits Julep’s tone. If in doubt, we are to happy meet up and talk about your ideas.

- If your proposal regards an ESSAY OR REVIEW, please focus on your thesis for the relevant topic. Please also briefly summarize the general structure you envision for the piece.

- If your submission is FICTION, POETRY, etc., please submit an excerpt/sample with a contextual description

- Please try to estimate the projected length of your piece. This can be a range. We are hoping for prose works between roughly 1000 and 5000 words. Obviously, this word range does NOT apply to poetry, but let us know if your poems are on the Haiku or Epic side of things. 

- If your proposal is for a suite of short poems, micro-stories, essays, reviews, etc., that's OK. Just indicate as such, and remember the ideal length above.  

- If you have two or three different ideas, cool; just send them in separate emails. 



- Issue 4 selections will be made by Saturday, March 7th. We will then move forward with the drafting/editing process, with checkpoint meetings along the way. 

- Keep in mind when you submit proposals that we intend to finalize the issue’s content by early May, so there will be roughly 8 weeks between selection and the due date for final drafts. If that time frame is problematic, please still submit but let us know your constraints; you may be perfect for the forth issue. 

- Apollo willing, the forth issue will be released in late May. 


- We accept art submissions, though our ability to feature such work is limited. We eventually hope to expand our ability to feature art in more interesting ways, so please get in touch if you think your work would connect with the journal. When inquiring about or submitting art, please send us a link to your website/Instagram or attach the relevant pieces to the email.

- If you are a student or professional and are worried about Julep limiting your ability to publish elsewhere (e.g., you have an essay that will be part of a thesis/dissertation, or you have poems you want to later compile into a book), don’t fret. We won’t be obstructing your academic or professional goals related to the work. That being said, we do prefer to be the first publisher of material, so we generally do not accept work that has been published elsewhere. If you’re still worried, contact us – we can draft up a writer-friendly contribution agreement pronto.

- If you have any questions please email us at with the subject “Issue 4 submission question.”

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